For Artemus Drake,
it's always a buyer's

Artemus Drake is a real estate agent, but don’t call him if you’re in the market for a home.  As the exclusive agent for the mysterious J.M. Carlson & Associates, Drake is in the business of procuring properties that the sellers are all too eager to be rid of…Sinister Properties.

In each episode of Sinister Properties, Artemus Drake takes the listener on a chilling journey where the darkest reality meets the eerie unknown of the supernatural.  A contemporary take on the classic radio drama, Sinister Properties is sure to thrill listeners with its highly atmospheric tales.

Click here to listen to "The New Roommates," the pilot episode of Sinister Properties.

Like the nationally syndicated Twilight Zone radio program, Sinister Properties will appeal to both lovers of audio drama and those who have yet to discover this great entertainment form. The show is sure to attract a ready-made audience among the enthusiastic and ever-growing horror, sci-fi and fantasy fan base. 

JAWDrop Productions welcomes inquiries from radio stations, websites or other audio content providers interested in carrying this pilot episode or supporting the production of future episodes. Please contact us any time for more information or just to let us know what you think of the show.

Sinister Properties nominated for Best Audio Drama Show UNI Award!

Details here

Sinister Properties was featured on The Sonic Society!

Details here!

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