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Sinister Properties is a UNI nominee!

We were honored to have the pilot episode of Sinister Properties recognized by The Sonic Society with a nomination for Best Audio Drama Show as part of its second annual UNI Awards.  The Sonic Society is one of the central venues for the producers of new audio drama works and "The New Roommates" was broadcast on the program in March of 2009 (see the news item below for more on that).  Thanks to all the listeners who helped us get the nomination and those who voted for us, and congratulations to Best Audio Drama Show winner, Shadow of the Bear, from Northern Rain Studio and all the other UNI winners and nominees.

Sinister Properties on The Sonic Society!

Our pilot episode, "The New Roommates," was broadcast on The Sonic Society on Tuesday, March 17, on CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  You can hear the broadcast in its entirety via podcast by clicking here.

The Sonic Society is hosted by Jack Ward and Shannon Hilchie, and is one of the most prominent showcases for new audio drama around.  Jack is one of the most active writers, producers and performers in the audio drama community and we're extremely grateful for these kind words he   had for our show:

"Sinister Properties is one of those shows that continues to remind me that the intimacy of the old radio is alive and well with new, and exciting stories in modern audio drama.  So get ready to taste the fear once again..."

 Thanks Jack! And for more information on The Sonic Society, visit their website by clicking here.

Listener comments

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